ATS Documentation


It is highly recommended to use our signals instead of manually running ATS. This will be done through our partner It will make sure you only receive the best trades, using settings optimized by us. And it simplifies the setup process and lowers monthly costs since Tradingview is no longer required. You will only need a Tradingview account if you would like to view all the trades being made on a price chart.


  1. Access to ATS and it’s signals.
  2. Tradingview Hub account with the cheapest subscription.
  3. Bybit account.
  4. Tradingview account. (optional)

Depositing Funds

You may already have funds on your account, in that case you can skip this step.

Follow these steps if you already own crypto that you would like to use. In case you do not own any crypto yet, you can purchase it directly from Bybit. Or purchase somewhere else and then deposit this onto Bybit.

Converting Funds

This step is only required if your crypto is not in USDT (Tether USD).

It is required to convert all the assets you want ATS to use into USDT.

Transferring Funds

You may skip this step if your USDT is already in your derivatives account.

All assets that ATS will use should now be in USDT. It is necessary to transfer these to your derivatives account.

Connecting API

The next step will require you to connect your Bybit API to tv-hub. Keep in mind we will not be able to access your funds or API’s, tv-hub will be able to access your API but never your funds. Follow chapter 3.6 from their documentation for instructions on how to do this.

Following Signal

This part of the setup will require you to have access to ATS on tv-hub. You can find more about this in the requirements above. If you purchased ATS but currently don’t have access, contact our support.

We will now configure the signals to open and close trades automatically. Follow chapter 4.4 from tv-hub’s documentation. Once at step 5, copy the settings below, and press generate. Once done you may continue with the final steps of chapter 4.4 in the documentation.

Setup Completed

ATS is now setup correctly. Most trades will be shown in our Discord, however you can also view them on your Bybit.