Invest in the future of trading

We provide excellent trading bots and tools to help you
diversify into the newest asset classes. Striving for realistic
results that can actually remain consistent. Our focus is
on the long-term game.

What should you expect?

Our average daily increase is 0.52% since April 2020. Monthly profits have can be seen on the left. So far there have only been 5 losing months and 25 winning months. More detailed results?

Get value for your money with low costs, excellent results, easy setup, and fast support. A fully automated trading strategy that is actually worth your money.

How it works

Our software called ‘ATS’ will automatically trade cryptocurrency assets for you. It will then try to turn a profit on these trades. Resulting in a passive income that only requires 5-15m to setup and once successful will not require any time. You may read more about our results: here.

We do not require access to your funds or accounts in order for our products to work. You will use a third party service that will handle all the trades for you. All you will have to provide to them is an API with permission to open and close trades.


Set up accounts


Connect api


Setup signals and enjoy profits

Why choose us?

Not only do our products deliver excellent results, you will also receive top notch support and access to an amazing community. Let our results speak for themselves:

awesome community

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You will receive access to our customer channels on our Discord. In which you will be able to talk with other customers, receive alerts for trades, ask questions and much more.


Great results

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Discover more here.


solid support

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We provide great support that will do their best to solve whatever issue you may have. We will always offer our help if you run into any issues or if you simply just require some extra assistance.

What Our Clients are Saying

“Good products, good service. Can’t complain, won’t complain.”

Lorin Emrik


“Awesome service! Quick and very friendly. Would definitely buy from them again!”



Frequently asked questions

What is ATS?

ATS is our automated trading strategy, this means it will automatically execute trades for you.

How does setting up work?

The setup proces takes about 5-15 minutes to complete. It is very easy and doesn't require any experience. We include documentation for every step.

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