We provide excellent results with our products, up to 664% profit per year. Discover more results below.

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What to expect

Our strategy has a long-term focus, meaning you should not expect profits until at least a few months have passed. But what kind of results should you expect?


  • Profit Factor: 1.727
  • Currently Invested: $25.000,-
  • Profit:
    • Daily: 0.52%
    • Monthly: 15.2%
  • Cumulative Profit: (2 years)
    • Daily: 6.53%
    • Monthly: 190.11%

Easy to use

Our strategy will deliver the performance listed above straight out of the box! There is absolutely no experience required and the setup is very beginner friendly. The process is extremely easy and only takes about 15m for the entire thing. When done, the strategy will operate completely on it’s own. Everything has been automated.

Low costs

You do not have to use Tradingview, only if you would like to view the strategy on your chart. We send signals through, by using these you will always receive the most up to date trades. Not to mention it lowers monthly costs since you no longer need Tradingview, and simplifies the setup process.

Our Story

Adulari is a software company based in the Netherlands. Just recently founded in November 2022. But we have been in the software engineering business for more then 4 years. ATS has been perfected by countless hours of testing before opening for business.

We have been in the trading business since 2020. Our experience in software engineering has allowed us to make great trading scripts and tools that will provide excellent results. Adulari uses these scripts with multiple funds as personal investment strategy as well. Showing we really do believe in our own products.

Some of Our Clients


The results shown on this page originate straight from Tradingview’s backtesting. Past results do not indicate future results.

Frequently asked questions

What is ATS?

ATS is our automated trading strategy, this means it will automatically execute trades for you.

How does setting up work?

The setup proces takes about 5-15 minutes to complete. It is very easy and doesn't require any experience. We include documentation for every step.

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